NO always means NO!

Club 440 is based on respect, which means when someone says "No", it is not up for discussion.  Consider it a "No" for the rest of the night.

No physical contact with other members without permission

Unless you are giving someone a handshake or a mutual hug, ask permission before you make physical contact with another member.

Do not open a closed door

Respect all members' privacy.  If a door is closed, leave it alone.  The exception is for a bathroom door, which you should leave alone for around 2 minutes before you try the doorknob or knock to verify that it is occupied.  Additionally, if there is a chain across the doorway of an occupied room, it means feel free to look in, but do not enter.  If a door is open but the room is occupied, it means you may enter, but as always, ask permission before making physical contact.

No re-entry on the same night

If you leave Club 440 for any reason, you will not be permitted to enter again that same night.  Club 440 does not stamp hands or issue wristbands — so once you are in plan on staying until you are ready to leave for the night.  If you need to get something you left in your car, talk to a staff member at the office or DJ booth to make arrangements or else you will not be allowed back in.

Bring and drink only your own alcohol

The building where Club 440 meets is a pour-your-own BYOB facility.  There is no bartender to wait for to serve you the drinks you brought with you.  You may bring your alcoholic beverages of choice in sealed containers, but you must drink only the alcohol that you bring.  A refrigerated cooler is provided to store drinks you want cool, as well as bottled water, Pepsi fountain drinks, and ice for mixing.

No drinks on the dance floor

No drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, are allowed on the dance floor for the safety of our members.  Spills of liquids and ice make the dance floor slippery and cause interruptions in the dancing for cleanups, so prevention is the best medicine.

Updated effective July 28th, 2017

No smoking inside the building, but use vaporizers POLITELY

The smoking of tobacco inside the building is prohibited.  There is a covered private outdoor smoking area.  Please bring clothing, jackets, or coats appropriate for the weather.  Vaporizers CAN be used inside the building, but do it politely — NO pluming large amounts of vapor into the air or at other members.

Cell phones ARE allowed, but NO photos or videos without permission

Cell phones are now allowed to easily share contact information and keep in touch with family.  If you do not have a way to keep your phone with you (no pockets, for example), bring a lock and store your phone in the self-service lockers.  For the privacy of all our members, use of video cameras, still cameras, or other recording equipment is ONLY permitted when you have the EXPLICIT permission of all people in the photos or videos INCLUDING people in the background. This is a PRIVATE club and anyone who violates that privacy with photos or videos are subject to legal prosecution by the Club and its Members. 

No weapons or guns allowed

Alcohol and weapons do not mix.  Leave all weapons, guns, and firearms at home or in your car.

No Illegal Drug Use or Illegal Drug Possession on premises

Illegal drug possession or drug usage inside the building, in any rooms, in the smoking area, or in the parking lot will result in immediate dismissal from the club and permanent revocation of your membership.

Club 440 is not responsible for lost or stolen articles

You are responsible for your own possessions.  There are lockers for your use, and you are welcome to bring your own padlock (we recommend a set-your-own combination lock like THIS).  The lockers are big enough to hold most coats and changes of clothes that you may bring.  There is also a "lost and found" to check if you do lose anything.

No stalking or lurking

Stalking is when you follow someone around when they change location.  Lurking is when you are hiding or waiting around in an area for someone so you can approach them. These behaviors are not accepted.  The bottom line is to be social, respectful, and watch out for the well-being of other members.  Talk to people and be friendly.  Try asking them why they come to Club 440 … everyone has a different story.

No open alcoholic containers outside the building

Buy your alcohol in appropriately sized containers.  Dispose of any open containers of alcohol before leaving the building, as having open containers of alcohol inside a vehicle, even a parked one, is illegal in the state of Ohio.

Keep the parking lot clean

There are no garbage cans in the parking lot, so please dispose of all trash in the garbage cans inside the building before you leave.

Be fully clothed when entering and leaving the building

Help keep up the reputation of Club 440 and its members.  Be classy and dressed appropriately when you enter and leave the building.

Exit only through the door by the DJ booth

There is only one exit for members, and it is clearly marked by the DJ booth.  All the other doors are for other uses (smoking area, entry, etc.) and are for exiting in emergencies only.

No drama – leave it at home … it will be there when you get back

If you have issues with another member, bring it to the attention of the staff and let them help you settle it peacefully and avoid drama.  If you have issues with people you came with, it is time to leave and resolve it at home.  Club 440 is a place to dance, mingle, and socialize, not a place to confront others or settle disputes.

Arrive Sober and Leave Sober

If you arrive at Club 440 obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs you will be denied admission.  Members are required to be respectful and if you do not appear to be in control of your actions before you enter you will be turned away.
When you leave Club 440 you are expected to comply with all local laws and have a blood alcohol level below the legal limit if you are driving.  If you are not able to drive yourself home talk to a staff member and they can help you call a cab or Uber to get home safely.  As in any setting where you may consume alcohol, please assign a designated driver before you begin drinking.