The Club 440 social club is a group of people that meet together with similar interests, just like a classic car club or a gardening club.  This is not unique to our club, so there are plenty of other resources available elsewhere.  Please review the links below to learn more.


Are you still wondering what this is all about?  Here is one place to get started.  If you don't get to the FAQ page, try the Home Page

Going to Club 440

A lot of good information for those who have never been to Club 440, and for others that are fairly new to this all.

Swinger Zone Central

A good place to meet others with similar interests…


Another good place to meet people with similar interests…


Here are the two closest hotels to the Main Event if you want to stay nearby.  Contact them directly to inquire about options for transport (shuttles or taxi) from the hotel to the club and back.

Homewood Suites

Holiday Inn Express