Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost for my first visit?

Your first visit will cost only the amount of your membership. The price for membership is listed HERE.

Can you tell me if I am a member over the phone or by email?

For the privacy of our members we cannot answer that question unless you are presenting your photo ID while standing at the door.  Why?  What if someone else calls us pretending to be you asking if your membership is valid?  It's none of their business if you are a member or not.  Just like a doctor's office won't tell you if someone is a patient, we won't tell you if someone is a member.

Even if you live far away, just come anyway.  If we can't find your membership information on file, couples and single males only pay $60 for membership, and single females only pay $25 for membership.  That's approximately the same price that couples and single males pay for admission for two nights, and with your paid membership you get in that night free and the very next night that the club is open for free (see the Prices page for details).  It's a great deal and you get a new membership card!

I am only going to be in town one night. Do you have a one day membership for visitors?

All memberships are lifetime memberships at Club 440 and cost the same amount for people visiting from out of town as it does for people who live down the street.  It takes the same amount of effort to go over the paperwork, review IDs, process the membership form, review the rules, and give a tour if you are going to be there only that night or the next 100 nights we are open.  But if you DO ever come back with your membership card then you will not have to renew your membership … you can pay the admission fee and walk right on in!

What is the best or busiest night to visit?

Asking this question is like asking which numbers should you play in the lottery.  EVERY single night is different.  One Friday is different from the previous Friday, and every other Friday, and the same for Saturdays.  We might as well just rename every Friday and Saturday to "Swingerday" because there is no way to predict what any night is going to be like … and we have been trying for YEARS!

What ages come to Club 440?

Club members range from 21 to older. Anyone 21 years old or older is welcome to become a member of Club 440.  The ages don't matter all that much … NOBODY acts their age at Club 440.  If you think you are too old, you aren't!  Come on out and join the fun.

Do I need to do anything online before I come for the first time?

No, all you have to do is show up IN PERSON with your government photo ID and membership fees to become a club member. You cannot apply for Club 440 membership online.  

The only thing you can join online here is the Club 440 Yahoo discussion group using the Discussion Group link at the top of this page.

Are there restrictions on when single males can attend?

Unlike many other clubs, Club 440 welcomes couples, single females, and single males equally.  Single males do not have to be accompanied by a couple to attend any night, a fact which many single females appreciate.  Club 440 is about respect and freedom, not about restricting our member's choices.

What can I expect my first visit?

Upon your first visit to Club 440 you will fill out the membership paperwork and pay your membership fees.  You will then be given a tour of the facility, the rules will be explained, and any questions you might have will be answered.  If you need assistance at any time or have any additional questions, you may ask any of our staff members who will be more than happy to help.  Your comfort is important to us and we want you to be at ease, have fun, and enjoy all the activities at Club 440.

What should I bring to the club?

  • Cash or Credit Card for membership or admission fee (Note: cash is faster than credit card)
  • Your photo ID or your Club 440 membership card
  • A padlock for a locker.  Bring your own lock!
  • Respect for other members!

What should I NOT bring in the club?

  • No weapons, guns, or illegal drugs allowed whatsoever
  • You won't need much extra cash — except quarters for playing pool
  • No drama — work it out at home, not at the club

Do I have to join in any of the activities?

Of course not.  Club 440 is about choice and respect.  You choose to do whatever is right for you at your own pace.  Some couples come to just make new friends, people watch, or add a little extra excitement to their relationship.  Many members are much more involved.  Yet we all share one thing in common — we are all open-minded and fun-loving people.

I am shy … how do I meet new people?

Our members are very friendly, but they try not to intrude on anyone's personal space.  If someone looks like they are not ready for people to approach them, most members won't approach them.  Our best recommendation is to mingle, mingle, mingle.  Introduce yourself to others and ask them why they come to the club.  If you are super shy, spend time with our staff members … they will introduce you to a wide variety of people.

What if we meet someone we know?

You may both be surprised, but remember that you are both there to enjoy the open-minded and respectful atmosphere.  Rather than considering it a problem, consider that you now have something else in common to talk about.  Oh, and remember "What happens at the Club  stays at the Club"…

Does Club 440 supply alcohol?

No. Club 440 meets in a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) facility.  However, there are refrigeration cases for you to place your alcohol in to keep it cold, and there are also complimentary fountain drinks and bottled water.

Do we have to bring and change clothes after we get there?

This again is your choice, but you do not have to change clothes at all.  Move at your own pace as you feel comfortable.

Are there showers and places to change clothes?

The building has one shower for members to use.  Towels are also supplied, however personal shower products are not.  A changing room with lockers is provided.  Locks are suggested for security of personal items.  We highly recommend you bring your own lock, even if it is a luggage padlock where you can set your own combination.

Where can we put our personal belongings and alcohol while we are busy?

Lockers are located in the changing room / locker room.  It is suggested you bring a lock and lock ALL your valuables in a locker.

Can members spend the night?

No, but there are several hotels nearby.  They are NOT within walking distance, but you can call and ask them about transportation options.  Here are links to the two closest ones you can check with:

Is there a dress code?

  • Dress to Impress.  Women usually know what this means.  For men we recommend nice jeans, khakis, or dress slacks and a collared shirt.  On your first visit you will see what is appropriate and be able to choose better to match your style on future visits.
  • No tank tops on men
  • No sweatpants or sweatshirts
  • Hats are permitted but must be worn facing forward

Is membership required?

Club 440 is a Private Members-Only social club that requires every attendee to be a member.  Please bring a photo ID for age verification when you apply for membership the first night you arrive.

Can I get a tour or see photos before paying for membership?

Club 440 is a private members-only club.  Only members are permitted inside the building during operating hours.  Therefore you must be a member prior to receiving a tour or seeing inside the facility (plus the inside is always changing).  No exceptions.  But on your first visit when you become a member you will be given a tour and you can see all the building facilities then.

Are there any shuttles or taxis to take to the club?

The club has no shuttle or transportation arrangements of any kind.  If you are staying at a hotel nearby you will need to call the hotel and ask them if they have a shuttle, as there is no shuttle or public transportation servicing where the club meets.  You are welcome to arrange for a taxi or Uber to drop you off here and pick you up.  These are two taxi companies our members have used to get here before. 

Dano's Taxi  513-797-4411               Scully's Taxi  513-284-8455

We do not endorse them, we only know that they service this area.

What makes Club 440 different from bars?

Bars charge you for alcohol, soft drinks and food.  Club 440 supplies food, snacks, soft drinks (soda), and bottled water with your paid membership/admission, and you may bring your own alcohol to enjoy at your leisure.

Bars set few expectations about the behavior of their patrons, and when people are stalked, harassed, or even groped, usually nothing is done about it.  At Club 440 all members are expected to be respectful of all other members, and undesired behavior should be brought to the attention of a staff member so it can be stopped immediately.

What makes Club 440 different from dance clubs?

Dance clubs are usually considered public places and strictly enforce a minimum dress code.  Club 440 is an exclusive members-only private club where there is no minimum dress code inside the building.

Dance clubs usually have a rigid music genre that they stick to.  Club 440 plays a variety of music to keep the party going and accepts requests from its members, including R&B, Pop, Top 40, Classic Rock, and Country.

What makes Club 440 different from strip clubs?

Strip club dancers are there to earn money from customers.  At Club 440 the members are the dancers, and if they are dancing it is because they like dancing and like the attention.  Period.  

Strip clubs tend to employ dancers with very specific body types to attract a very specific crowd.  Club 440, however, is a place for anyone and everyone.  Members of all shapes, all sizes, all ages, and all skin colors are welcome.  We believe that everyone has someone out there that finds them attractive, and Club 440 is a good place to find them.