The Club closes at 3:00AM

    The front door will open and close at the published times.  Members can stay until 3:00AM every Friday and Saturday night.

    No smoking inside the building, but use vaporizers politely

    The smoking of tobacco inside the building is prohibited.  There is a covered private outdoor smoking area for those who wish to smoke.  Please bring clothing, jackets, or coats appropriate for the weather.  Vaporizers CAN be used inside the building, but do it politely — NO pluming of large amounts of vapor into the air or at other members.

    Cell phones ARE allowed, but NO photos or videos without permission

    Cell phones are now allowed to easily share contact information and keep in touch with family.  If you do not have a way to keep your phone with you (no pockets, for example), bring a lock and store your phone in the self-service lockers.  For the privacy of all our members, use of video cameras, still cameras, or other recording equipment is ONLY permitted when you have the EXPLICIT permission of all people in the photos or videos INCLUDING people in the background. This is a PRIVATE club and anyone who violates that privacy with photos or videos are subject to legal prosecution by the Club and its Members.


2017 Admission Prices are found HERE


Club 440 is Cincinnati's premier social club for open-minded couples and individuals.  The foundation of the club is respect for everyone.  Couples, single females, and single males are all welcome.

You are invited to come enjoy the relaxed no-pressure atmosphere where you can cut loose and be yourself. Join the Discussion Group to find out more!